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Bar & Boeuf

The Concept: Fish or Meat ? There is only one answer to this question : bar & boeuf bar (masculine noun): sea bass boeuf (masculine noun): beef Having worked together for several years at many fine establishments, Chef Alexandre Gosselin and Maître d’hôtel Gerardo Labarca decided to finally merge their talent and open their own establishment. They have decided to concentrate their efforts on delivering both fantastic food and great service. They forecast Bar & Boeuf to definetly become one of the best restaurants in Montreal. Located in Old Montreal at the heart of the financial district, in a historic landmark, the restaurant is divided into two distinct floors which can seat up to 160 people. Warm and refined, while chic and relaxing, Bar & Boeuf will become an ideal spot for anyone seeking to experience evolving, seasonal menus that feature traditional ingredients paired with a fresh approach that emphasizes casual elegance, integrity and taste, together with the shared pleasures of the table

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